1 banana
Curd (maitorahka suomeksi)
Fruit syrup/ fruit soup
Frozen fruits
1 avocado.

Frozen fruit varieties: mango, strawberry, blueberry

Healthy smoothie recipe for breakfast/kids in between meals.

To a clean smoothie blender, add the one ripe banana.
Wash, slice and scoop out the avocado from its pod.
Note: you can do without the avocado but I highly recommend that you use it.

The avocado is not only healthy but also very smooth. It adds to the richness and softness of the final product.

Add fruit soup/syrup to the blender.
Add your curd at this point and blend together.

After thoroughly blending the banana, avocado, fruit syrup and curd together, you now can add your frozen fruits. You can add a mixture of them or just one type.
I prefer mango, strawberries or blueberries.

I suggest blending first before adding the frozen fruits because if your blender is too full, the ingredients may get stuck together and become overwhelming for your machine.
After blending with the frozen fruit in, serve immediately.

This smoothie is very healthy, natural and with absolute low sugar and fat content of which most is the fruits own natural sugar and fat.

Note: If the sugar is too low for your liking, you can add artificially sweetened juice to improve the taste. However, I absolutely don’t recommend this.

For children in between meals, at breakfast or as a late evening snack for those that would rather skip dinner.
For adults as well as a replacement for a meal, for breakfast or when you need a full tummy quick, this smoothie is it!


Healthy smoothie recipe for breakfast/kids in between meals.

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