So, what in the salad am I talking about you ask? This!

Okay you really didn’t come over here to hear me blab on about how healthy salad is, which it is. So I’ll just get on with why we are having this conversation!

SALAD! Why salad? Other than the fact that it is one of the best options for a healthy meal, salads are also some of the easiest and least time consuming meals to prepare.

Salad is versatile. You can add to it a thing or two and with that be able to completely alter your entire meal.

So for me basically salad can be just the vegetables chopped up straight from the fridge ; cucumber, colored peppers, lettuce, summer pumpkin, onion, tomatoes, apetina feta cheese in all sorts of flavors

According to preference to that basic salad of mine I’d sometimes add avocado or rice or tuna or boiled eggs.

I’d sometimes add a table spoon of olive oil or vinegar. Again, personal preference! Salad is versatile!

Salad doesn’t have to be boring Nope! Be creative with it. Eat salad in a classy way!

Salad can be served with a wide variety of food items. For instance, chicken, ready made fish fillet or fish fingers and all sorts of boring ready made foods that am guilty of the tendency to buy and stack into my freezer and procrastinating on when to eat them because I really don’t like them as much as I thought I did when I convinced myself to buy them and honestly don’t know what else they would be good with!

Salad has a way of making a great compliment to such food items. Try it!

Another great way to consume salad is with those ready made Tortilla wraps I constantly buy from the supermarket!

Salad makes number one in the list of items am stuffing in it. I usually add a few pieces of pan fried fish fillet and boom, you got the meal! Perhaps a little better than just a boring salad!

See? You perhaps should be eating much more salad than you realize!

There! Call it what you will, in the long run you’re consuming that salad! And no, it’s not boring.




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