Merikeskus Vellamo is a maritime museum in Kotkansaari where you pretty much want to go and visit while in and around Kotka. Yes, you heard me right! You really want to visit this place.

So much to see, so much to hear and feel! Hmm, mmn! There. I said it. Feel. So how about we stop rumbling on and dive into some of the images i got from the museum?

Oh, talk about images! A video of my short trip to Merikeskus Vellamo is up on my Youtube channel at JOANA`S DIARY

Okay, we might as well begin with the beautiful glass display at the museum as i sort of could not seem to be able to pick up my jaw. Yes, jaw dropping stuff! Drinking glasses, vodka glass bottles, beer glass bottles, glass serving bowls, name it. Just all round beautiful glass, you know what i mean? Why am i still rambling on?

Should we pretend i managed to capture it all! Nope! No where close. This place is breathtakingly beautiful, you want to visit for yourself.

Now let us have a look at all the other stuff in there, the boats and little boat models each with a story to tell. The place families with little kids would love the most in the entire museum, the section for the sea monsters. The section with bridal and wedding stuff, gowns you could try on! Yes you! Let`s go.


Okay, okay, i`ll snap out of it! Good weather, amazing company, beautiful place equal to a fabulous day. Hunger pangs you say? By the museum is a restaurant so ahh….NOPE!




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