Now didn’t it just basically become slightly more difficult to survive a mere common cold since the pandemic? Well, I for one would to say the very least would not be much enthusiastic about sitting anywhere next to any one with a common cold other than the people in my household. And guess what, it goes the same, the other way round for I wouldn’t be caught dead out there running a cold or a flu. Hmm… Stay home, right? Sounds pretty easy except that it’s actually not.

Now let’s face it, “the flu is nothing like the corona virus” is just an expression. No reasonable person wants to take chances with their life. No one in their rightful sense would except our health care workers who risk their lives to save ours which makes them real life heroes walking amongst us.

Now, for economies to not completely shut down, countries are adapting ways of surviving with the virus around. This has seen borders, airports, schools and businesses open up to keep life functional. So let’s talk about life functioning within the pandemic. It spells for things like day care centres for children, schools and work places being in operation.

The corona virus infection symptoms have a slight resemblance to the symptoms caused by the flu virus so for precaution most public areas ban attendance if one is a victim to the flu virus at least that is the case where I live.

So he’s the thing, I go to school, my children go to a local daycare centre and with in the time frame of barely two months they have been home on three separate instances each of which lasted up to a week because of the flu virus they’re catching from the day care. The moment we sense that they’ve caught the flu, we cannot take them back to the day care centre because it could be the corona instead. Not it’s not corona. It’s general rules we need to adapt to in society today since the pandemic.

It takes a toll. It means missing out on school for me to stay home with them, it means them missing out their day care days. They love it there and are absolutely frustrated at having to stay home. Flu could be easily manageable in adults but with toddlers it’s overwhelmingly difficult. And even if the tougher phase of it passes, as long as they are still slightly sniffly, they have to stay home. It could take days or even weeks for it to heal completely for the day care centres to be comfortable enough to have them back.

With the summer gone and the cold setting in, the flu is raging like a wild fire. For parents of little fellows like me, it’s absolutely frustrating. I am about wiping tiny little noses for the past two to three weeks since my little girls went to the kindergarten and it does take a toll however, I have had less bouts of flu than usual because of a simple lifestyle change I integrated into my routine. Initially, I was the type that catches the flu from being two seconds around someone with it. Tables turned and guess what? The answer sits idly in your kitchen!

Lemon and ginger

Lemon and ginger! Let me guess, you’ve heard it before, right? Well, not from me, not yet! Listen, when you catch a cold and rush to fill up with the magic drink, it’s not going to take your irritating symptoms away in one day, no it’s not. Not even in two or three. It may alleviate them a bit but that’s not the message I intend to pass on here.

Am talking to a parent who is dealing with constant bouts of flu and constantly worries about catching it from the little ones because yes, it could keep you from work constantly. Even if you are not a frustrated parent but need this, you should definitely try it.

One glass of multivitamin each morning when you wake up is a must have. My go to multivitamin tablet is Berocca. It’s cheap, friendly taste and the immune boost is what’s am out there for.

Wash, peel and grind ginger, add to a pot of water and bring to boil. Drain off liquid to a suitable container and add fresh lemon juice. Wait to cool. Drink and store remainder in the refrigerator. Make a habit of drinking this fluid, warm or cold fresh from the refrigerator. Am not talking about drinking it at the onset of a cold. Am talking about integrating it into your day. This on top of other factors associated with a healthy lifestyle ;adequate sleep, healthy eating amongst others will keep the irritating flu virus away! It has for me, it could for you!

As for the much deadlier virus, the corona virus, wash hands, social distance, wear a mask, be as responsible as you can as we await for the storm to pass as it will. Let’s try to stay alive and stay connected through this. Reach out if you need to,talk to someone, most importantly, STAY ALIVE!

Let me know what works for you and the family in this pandemic against the common cold in the comments or reach me on Instagram @joanatoni. Feel free to press the follow button or talk to me on the IG handle. Till next time!

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