Low esteem is a real modern day horror. It kills your confidence, your persona and leaves you feeling so low, something that can probably suck the life out of your soul. In this article, I will be sharing a few tips on how you can boost your esteem and kill that gut feeling of worthlessness.

For starters, we need to understand what self-esteem is. Self-esteem is your perception of yourself. I think it is quite straight forward what self-esteem is. Your self-esteem is how you value yourself, what you think your worth is.
There are so many things that can affect esteem and with how cruel the world gets by the day, quite often we come into contact with many situations that hurt our ego and hence lower our esteem. Often times our esteem is affected by quite so many things we rub shoulders with in our everyday life for instance, rejection, racism, infidelity in homes, tough work environments to mention but a few. So today I will be sharing with you fifteen tips on how you can go about boosting your esteem in this tough, cruel world.

  • To begin with, you need to be mindful. Pay attention to your attitude because it’s the only way to know that something needs to change. You cannot fix something that you don’t know needs fixing. Often times you may be going through serious depression and mostly focusing on the depression itself with no record in mind of what the possible trigger for the depression could be. Low self-esteem causes depression too. But you cannot fix your esteem if you do not even know it needs fixing. So keep a keen eye on your attitude when confronted by various situations.
  • Do not fall into the compare and despair rabbit hole. With how fast the world is moving now, everyone wants to be better than the next person in every way possible. So often times we are guilty of comparing ourselves to people, wanting to be better than they are. But that is just our limit. There is always going to be that person that is so much better than we are, there is always going to be that person that has everything we could only dream of. No one person has their life perfectly in line. Even the people we are comparing ourselves to have problems, they cry, they are human, they make mistakes and they hurt. In this social media era, there are so many people portraying a fancy lifestyle that could be pretty tempting to want to relate to. But social media life is a lie. The people you are comparing yourself to do not have their life in place. You only see what they let you see. And once you fall into the compare and despair trap, you will never feel that you are enough the way you are., hence low self-esteem.
  • Do unto others the good you would love done to you. There are so many people struggling so much out there. Try to help as many people as you can, as much as you can. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. Helping someone that was in the dark to finally see light will be your redemption. It will make you feel good to help someone that needs saving. When you give someone a hug, someone that was not even expecting a pat on the shoulder, when you put a smile on someone’s face, someone that was struggling, lost, there is no better fulfillment than what you get when you lift someone else up. So be the light you would love to see out there. Do good onto others.
  • Forgive. It is not easy, I know. You feel that some wrongs cannot be forgiven and I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way. The world can be really cruel. But holding onto frustration, anger and pain is hurting no one else but you. Irrespective of how painful the wrongs done onto you are, for your sake, you need to forgive. Take as long as you need, cry as hard as you need to, seek professional help if you have to, pray if you have faith, seek the help you need. Whatever you do, be sure to heal thoroughly and forgive the offenders from the bottom of your heart to heal completely. This will make you feel good about yourself and raise your esteem.
Forgive to heal. Image source: Pixabay
  • Do the things you love. To boost your esteem, you need to do things that you love, things that make you happy. You need to develop a pro-you attitude. No matter what society thinks, as long as you are not hurting anyone, you do you. Do those thing that people think weird, odd, un necessary as long as you are happy doing them and as long as you hurt no one along the way. The things that people call childish, dance in the rain if you want to, go dancing, play and laugh every chance you get.
  • Get a supportive squad. To boost your esteem, you need a positive mindset. Surround yourself with people that support and inspire you to be better by the day. Get rid of toxic people. People that magnify your failures, those that will never celebrate you when you reach your milestones. Keep your friend circle small and with only people that that inspire you to be better than the person you were yesterday. Everyone needs a friend so be sure to keep some. But be mindful of who you let into your circle. With the much needed support, you could never go wrong boosting your esteem.
  • Channel your energy to where you make the best change. I know you probably have dreams and aspirations. But do not set unreachable goals because when you set the stakes too high and you know you are bound to fail, it will hurt your ego and lower your esteem. You will be disappointed and angry and feel like you are such a loser for failing. So set achievable goals. Channel your strength into achievable dreams and work to them.
  • Another way to boost your esteem is by celebrating the small achievements and milestones. Small as they may seem, they say so much about you. I mean those baby steps and accomplishments. Yes, celebrate them. Have a glass of wine, ice cream or whatever you do for fun. This will motivate you to take the next step forward towards your dreams. You will feel so good about yourself that negativity will definitely have no place whatsoever in your life.
  • Take a two-minute self-appreciation break each day. Sounds dumb, right? I know. But best believe, it works. Often times we tend to be our own number one critics. This sometimes begins to manifest in our behavior and attitude towards self. So to avoid being that thing that tears down your self-image, learn to appreciate and applaud yourself every single day. Make it a habit to stand in the mirror and tell the person you see that their beautiful, they are strong and amazing, clever and smart and so on. Speak life into yourself, capture the mindset and live it.
  • Ignore your haters. The hard truth is that irrespective of how good of a person you are, there will always be that person that hates you, with reason or for absolutely no reason. Some people are intimidated by you, others are jealous about the kind of life you lead. They will hate you, but you need to mature to that stage in life where you could care less who hates you and why. If you invest your energy into your haters you lose. You draw negativity to your life if you focus on your haters in any way. They hate you, so it is in their best interests to see you hurting, so they will do exactly that, hurt you. Ignore them so hard that they doubt their own existence.
  • Keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, so do you. Do not be so hard on yourself for any mistakes you make. You are human. You are allowed and you are bound to make mistakes, everyone does. So do not kill yourself for any mistakes you make. It is part of growth and learning. Take it, learn to embrace your mistakes other than feeling like the world will come tumbling down if you made a mistake. Some mistakes are extremely costly, I understand. But once a mistake is done, it is done, so focus and move on. Put your energy into putting things together and fixing the aftermath.
  • Exercise. Self-esteem is something mental and psychological. It is about your perception of yourself and exercise has a tendency of relaxing one’s mind. It relieves stress, gives you a calm aura, peace of mind and makes you feel really good about yourself on top of keeping fit and all. Exercise as much as you can. Not cut out for that? I know. But you do not have to go hard on yourself. Mild exercise helps too. Walking, jogging, dancing and the likes will help so much for raising your esteem.
  • Get enough sleep. Probably sounds like an impossibility because of all the responsibilities you have; work, kids, relationships and all. Of course you don’t always have time to sleep, but for your sake you have to make time for sleep. To calm your mind, you need to rest as much as possible so that you release all the tension and exhaustion from the pressing responsibilities that need your attention. That will automatically boost your esteem because you get a clear mind frame.
  • Dress up in clothes that make you feel good about yourself. You need to feel good about yourself for your esteem to soar. Dressing well is part of that journey. Forget what society deems the right way to dress up for whatever occasion. Wear what you are most comfortable with. Do not let the world dictate what you do with your life, how you dress up and all. Do you again. Dress how you want and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Last but not least, feed well and drink enough water. Stay healthy. To have a healthy mind, you need a healthy body. So feed right and drink water to stay healthy. When diseases come arising from feeding poorly; malnutrition, diabetes among others, you could be overwhelmed and be left feeling so vulnerable and your self-image will be distorted. So feed well, drink water and stay healthy to boost your esteem.
  • Conclusively, you need the will to be who you want to be. Self-pity and weakness are a great blow to self-esteem. You need character and a bit of an attitude to fight off the different blows to your esteem, to stand up for yourself in face of the different shortcoming that will probably come your way. Do not go about life hoping for it to be fair because life is not always fair. You meet different people every other day, everyone with their own character. Of course you are bound to get hurt. So keep your guards up and fend off all the negative energy that tries to feed off you.





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