Stepping out, huh? Grab a bag and a bunch of keys like is the norm and get on the move! Well, at least for most of us… Yes I mean those absolutely exceptional times when we get to step out without the kids!

Except when going for an evening walk or to the gym, I always as everyone else grab a hand bag and a set of keys before setting out, among other things depending on whether am stepping out with the entire team or not.


Canon rebel T6

Whether I know for sure that I want to take some pictures where I am going, or there’s room for guessing whether there’ll even be a chance to, I still drag my camera wherever I go. I love taking pictures I wasn’t ready for. I am no professional photographer, no! Far from it! I am just a mommy that loves to take good pictures especially of my absolutely beautiful little ones. And well, you never know when you will get the sassy attitude from the little ones that needs to me stored in a picture memory or when you’ll find a scene out there that will sweep you off your feet. Or I just love my camera. Well, we’ll never know. Whatever the case, I barely ever step out without my camera in bag.


Huawei MediaPad T3 10

I mean who doesn’t? Don’t we all grab our phones when stepping out? Irrespective of where or what occasion, be it church, work, school, dates or whatever! So do I. Guilty as charged! Am not going no where without a phone or tablet in my handbag, never. See? We are not all much different now, are we?


Fictional novels from my collection.

There isn’t room for reading sometimes. I must have my novel with me still. I am an intense passionate reader. So whether there will be time to read or not, I couldn’t risk going anywhere without my novel.

Old habits die hard. Trust me, I know! I cannot fight my way out of it. I will always carry a novel with me whether I’ll have the chance to read it out there or not!


Pen & Notebook.

With a tablet or phone in tow, I still need my paper and a pen.

Smart phones and tablets have notebooks, well at least my Huawei devices do. But still, everyone that intends on building onto something they just might run into out there needs a notebook and a pen to take quick notes with. They come in handy sometimes. You just may not know when. So I always carry them in my bag when stepping out someplace.


Calvin Klein women, Dolce & Gabbana scents

I still haven’t figured out why I always drag a scent and lipstick with me whenever I step out and I barely ever use those two items outside my home. I use as standard procedure a cologne and lipstick before stepping out, but for some unknown “reason” or excuse… whatever, I always carry a scent and lipstick in my handbag too! See, it’s not so easy to be a woman!

Like I said, old habits die hard. I have quite a number of them up my sleeve and dragging a cologne with me wherever I go is one of them. Thankfully, they’re mostly harmless habits except for the painfully heavy bag from all the stuff I pack that barely even use when outside my home.

Now let’s not even talk about the times I have to step out with kids! No, let’s not talk about the diapers, wipes, water bottles and stuff, because that right there is a whole lot different heroism! It’s a story for another day.

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