When you start looking into side hustles you could do to make a bit of side income, it will not be long before you hear about Clickworker.

With exploring side hustles comes the immediate question that every freelancer out there asks themselves especially for the first timers that are just venturing and exploring various side hustles in quest of the ultimate one that could generate that much needed side income.

Is Clickworker legit or a scam? As someone that has tried and tested Clickworker, I will review the website from personal experience.

As you already know, Clickworker offers multiple micro jobs that you can do at your own convenience, wherever you are in the world. The big question is always ; “Does Clickworker pay?”

I say yes they pay. As long as you have all your payment and tax information aligned. After you reach the 5€ minimum payout threshold, you will be sent an invoice and payment made either to your PayPal or EU bank account.

From personal experience, I get payment from Clickworker via PayPal so I do not have much experience with their alternative modes of payment but the Clickworker support team is available at all times to guide you through each and every process you need help with.

To sign up with Clickworker, you do not need experience and it does not matter where in the world you are!

Click this link to sign up and start earning!

Let me know in the comments what your experience with Clickworker is, what alternative micro job sites you’d prefer instead and why.

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