So are you seriously considering getting a pet but suddenly getting cold feet? Oh no! Alright, let us look at a few reasons why you should get you a fur baby.

                 First off, having a fur baby will help you socialize. If you are anything like me who does not know what to do with myself around new faces, then get yourself a pet. People will automatically reach out to you, just to pet your doggie or cat or whatever pet or to just talk about it. See? Communication eased already. You already got you some new friends because of your pet.

                          With having a pet, you have unshakeable, unconditional love. Unlike humans that can easily betray you the moment you face the other direction, pets are loyal and they will stick with you through thick and thin. Pets do not care if you are at your lowest in life, if you look terrible, if you are as broke as a church mouse. They will stick with you till the very end. I think you could use that kind of love.  Who wouldn’t?

                                  The other reason to consider getting a pet is to save a life. In places like America, lots of homeless pets are euthanized because the rate of people trying to adopt them is so low. Much lower than the number of pets in shelters. So you can get a pet by adopting one from the shelters and save their life.

Companionship forever ❤️

In places like Africa where the shelters are not established, you can save their lives by taking them off the streets where they get hurt and sometimes poisoned to death. Either way, you get to save a life.

                                    Pets give you company especially for people who live alone with no families. It rather gets lonely and empty sometimes. And when you are in no mood to step out and socialize for some company, the silence and loneliness can take its toll. Having a pet in this case saves the day. So go for it, get you a fur baby. You will actually love it.

                     Pets make you laugh. Who does not a really good laugh every once in a while. We all know how good laughter is for our health. It can be from your doggie chasing after their shadow or your cat chasing light sparks etc. Whatever it is, if a good laugh is what you need every once in a while then do not hesitate to get your fur baby.

                           Having a pet gives your life purpose, joy and fulfillment. Owning a pet will make you responsible for another living creature. So, moments that are hard for you mostly when you are depressed and do not see your purpose in life are so much better to survive when you have a pet because you look at your pet and you know they need you. Also, caring for a pet brings you a sense of joy and fulfillment because you know saved a life and are helping an animal. So do not think twice, go get your forever friend.

                            Having a pet will give you a sense of selflessness and responsibility. You will have a living creature to worry about. For instance; when your dog is sick, it does not matter how busy or broke you are, you will somehow find a way to get them to a vet, because of care and love them. That selflessness and sense of responsibility are what makes us human. You learn to put you aside and not focus on yourself all the time. You learn to care and worry and be responsible for someone else.

                      Pets also act as warning signals for some serious health conditions. For instance; dogs may be able to tell when someone is about to have seizures. Other dogs can sense cancer, diabetes, others have been taught to sense Parkinson’s disease in their owners and warn them accordingly. This is an advantage that can help you realize the onset of such diseases and get the necessary medical help.

                             Pet help you to fight off allergies. It is true. People that are exposed to animal allergens tend to develop stronger immunity and ability to resist irritants Children that grow up in households with pets tend to be at less risk of catching allergies and asthma.

                        Pets are good for all ages. For children for instance, the bond between them and pets is so overwhelmingly sweet and adorable. Children that have exposure to pets have less chances of getting allergies, asthma and skin conditions like eczema. For the elderly, having a pet gives them purpose and a reason to go through each day. Pets keep them company and keep them busy too hence they feel less lonely. Pets tend to reduce anxiety amongst the elderly too.

A dorable dog pet with their companion.

                            Pets are good aids for medical support groups. Pets are used in groups like Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) or pet facilitated therapy where hospitals give pets to patients to help improve their mood and aid recovery.

                     Pets help children with learning disabilities or kids from broken families to have better self-esteem and emotional intelligence. In addition to that, kids that grew up with a pet often have very worm, fond memories of their childhood irrespective of how imperfect life may have been. Nothing beats that. Children that get to grow up around pets also get to develop a sense of responsibility, love and compassion at an early age because they learn to take care of the pet and in due process they develop a bond with it and learn about empathy and compassion.

                             Pets cannot speak to you but they can listen and communicate through different gestures. If what you need is a listening ear, you can talk to your pet if there is no one else to talk to, or if you are uncomfortable with telling people that will judge you. Pets do not judge. They listen faithfully, they comfort you and you can see the compassion in their eyes but they do not leave or judge you. Pets are faithful friends and great listeners. So why wouldn’t you want to get you one?

                                 Having a pet will help your mental state. Being around your pet has been proven to reduce stress producing hormone cortisol and increase the levels of a hormones oxytocin and dopamine which reduce stress. Merely looking your pet in the eye is consolation enough to reduce your stress. Pets portray love and compassion to their owner.

A girl and her dog.

                            Having a pet will keep you physically fit. When you have a pet, they keep you busy. You take them for a walk, you scrub pet stains, you play with them etc. Whatever it is, having a pet will ensure you get the much needed exercise on a daily basis. This is something that will help to improve your bone strength, reduce your chances of getting a heart attack and those heart attack patients that own pets have a survival rate higher than those with no pets.

                       Pets like dogs give you protection. Dogs are good security when walking them and also keep your home safe when you are not there. In case you are home and your house gets invaded, you dog will not only alert you but also bark to alert neighbors and also try to fight the invaders. When you have a pet, you care for them and they get attached to you. They love and care about you so they hate to see you get hurt. Your dog will fight for you with their life. And criminals hate dogs so they will try to stay away from you if they know you have a dog.

                        Dogs can help with chores too. They do not do much but can help with cleaning the house especially for people with kids. When kids eat and drop crumbs on the floor, your dog will take care of those before you know it. Also in those lazy moments when you need to say, pick up the remote control from the floor but you are glued on the couch, a well-trained dog will bring that to you. No need to worry about getting up.

                       By getting a pet, you are giving an animal a second chance most especially those animals in shelters and those roaming the streets. Animals face so much adversity in the hand of humans out there. By adopting a pet, you give them a home, you give them a second chance at life. It is so rewarding, so fulfilling a feeling to be redemption to another living creature.

                               If you are planning to get a pet, you should most probably consider adoption over buying one for the following reasons.

                       Adoption is so much cheaper than buying a pet from a vet clinic or a breeder. Often times, pets in shelters and rescues are already neutered, vaccinated and even trained. So the adoption fee is so very low in comparison to buying a pet.

                         With adoption, you will have an easier time finding pets that are litter trained when you adopt. Getting a pet is something serious because you need to be completely responsible. They can be tiresome if not litter trained. You may therefore find yourself tired of cleaning up pet poop. However, you get a chance of getting an already trained pet through adoption.

                          When you adopt more than one pet, it is not just the animals that you are helping. You are helping the animal shelters as well. There are so many homeless pets. The shelters often get overcrowded and overwhelmed. So you reduce their burden when you provide home to more than one fur buddies.

              If you want a particular breed of any animal, animal shelters are the right place to look because you find variety of animals in the shelters. There are lots of different animals in different breeds as well, so you are most likely to find what you are looking for there.

                        Pets are so very important animals to keep for all sorts of people, that is to say; people living alone, people with families, from the young children to the elderly. They cut across ages.

Their loyalty goes unmatched. They will not talk to you but they will faithfully be there offering their utmost understanding, empathy and compassion when you need it the most. So do not hesitate. Get your fur buddy and you will not be sorry. However, please equip yourself with the necessary information you need about caring for a pet before you get one. Do not take them home and make them miserable, abusing them and all. You care for them and you get the purest and truest of love and compassion. I hope the information I have shared helps you decide to get your fur buddy.



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