Strawberry legs huh? Does not ring a bell, does it? Hold up! Its most probably the last condition you knew you had until you realized it was getting uncomfortable wearing that favorite knee length dress of yours. Oh yes, am talking about that red dress that shows off your perfectly curved calves! Jokes aside though, having strawberry legs is a condition that seriously hurts your esteem especially for people that are in any way sensitive to their appearance.

So fast forward, I bet you are wondering what the condition is that is strawberry legs? Well, let’s get into it. Those many black or brownish bumps you see and feel on your legs in the pores on your calves, those are what defines strawberry legs. They are not a life threatening condition and may often times be ignored but in some circumstances or some people, they are a big cause for discomfort.
Strawberry legs are mostly caused by poor exfoliation of the skin on the calves most probably due to poor shaving habits. They however can be caused by other elements for example; hormone imbalance so if you are someone like me that never really had to shave your legs do not freak out or start wondering if the tried and tested remedy I will be mentioning below will work for you because it surely will!
So if you are out there despairing and wondering if you will ever get rid of those little bumps on your legs, I am here to guide you through a step by step procedure that I have personally used to get amazing smooth legs in the place of the rough, dark calves with uneven skin that I had to live with but absolutely hated with my entire being. It is a simple natural way to exfoliate the skin on your calves at home and at a very minimal cost, so let’s get into it.

The very first step to going from strawberry legs to naturally smooth and soft skin on your calves is patience. Oh yes, you heard me right! I said it! Patience, patience and more patience still. It is pointless to dive into the fight against strawberry legs when all you can think of is the day they will be gone. Do not expect them to disappear in one day because you did not get them in one day. Despairing over results is demotivation enough and it will kill your fighting spirit against strawberry legs, so please be patient once you decide to start this journey to smooth, clear skin over strawberry legs.
So after you have mastered the art of waiting patiently without despairing over results, you will need to check your kitchen for the basic ingredients we need for this fight. You will need baking soda. It is about the major resource we need for this journey so if you do not have any stacked away in the cabinets of your kitchen, run to the nearest store or shopping mall and grab some. It is so very cheap so you definitely do not have to break the bank to get you some baking soda. Be sure though to use baking soda instead of baking powder as many have a tendency of mixing those two or even taking one for the other.
Once you have some baking soda, you will now have to get a lemon. Who am I kidding? Many lemons. You are going to go through a process that will take many days, weeks, probably months so you had better equip yourself with enough of each ingredient, although it is for the best to not stock up on lemon too heavily since its perishable. Well, the good news is that , that is about all you are going to need to get started with your liberation from strawberry legs to beautiful stunning legs.
Now that you have baking soda and a lemon fruit, you are going to get started by measuring two to three table spoons of baking soda into a small bowl. You then need to slice into two, a medium size lemon and squeeze one half into the bowl containing your already measured baking soda. Keep the other half away for next use. Make a thick paste and add baking soda if it is still runny. Apply the paste onto the affected area and rub it in for about three minutes. Let the coating stay after rubbing in for about fifteen minutes then rinse it off using warm water.
You will need a quite new bath pad or sponge to avoid old bacteria stocked up in an old bath sponge. Matter of fact a bath sponge should be changed every two to three months. So wash the legs thoroughly with a suitable bath or shower soap/lotion and rinse twice or thrice to be sure that the paste is all washed off. Dry the legs with a soft clean towel and apply a moisturizer or suitable body lotion to keep the skin well moisturized and soft as it gets easily dry after rinsing off the paste. You should do this two to three times a day according to how flexible your life or work is. For those that are extremely caught up in this hustle called life that it gets hard to create time for this, I would recommend once a day most preferably evenings or night time before bed.

Baking soda is an exfoliating agent so it works by opening up all the clogged up pores that are causing these little bumps caused mostly by poor shaving habits as earlier mentioned or factors like pregnancy and child birth, breastfeeding and all those other factors that rack the body hormones out of control. It is different for everyone. The intensity of the condition hits everyone differently and so is the healing.
Lemon exfoliates the skin as well but it is most effective for lightening dark areas of the skin. With poor exfoliation, waste that is excreted through the skin pores gets trapped in the pores and blocks them. It accumulates over time, causing dark black or brown bumps. Fresh lemon not only helps the exfoliation process but lightens the pores from that darkness of the bumps to nature prior to strawberry legs.
With thorough dedication and commitment to the process, you should be able to notice results within a time frame of two weeks but can keep exfoliating until you achieve desired skin texture. You however must understand that strawberry legs can always grow back if you stop taking good care of your skin after you have attained results. So you should always care for your skin as best as you can. There are different ways of taking good care of your skin to keep the strawberry legs from coming back and if you are the type that loves it the natural way just like me, then you should know that drinking water is the number one remedy for all your skin conditions, strawberry legs inclusive. Like you have probably heard a thousand times before, water is crucial for so many bodily functions. The perfect functioning of the skin is one of them.
Six to eight glasses of water per day should do it. You do not need to gulp down eight glasses of water all at once. You can make it a habit to drink two when you wake up and two every two to three hours till bed time. Make a routine of it and your body and definitely your skin will thank you.
The other post recovery tip to help you keep a healthy skin and prevent strawberry legs from growing back is improving shaving habits. For the people that shave their legs, do not firstly, wait too long to shave. Intervals of when to shave the calves is quite individual so you should keep a keen eye on your calves and shave timely. Do not take months without a shave.
You will also need to dispose of and replace your shaving gear often. It is recommended to keep changing shaving blades often for excellent hygiene and to avoid infections that could arise from accidental cuts.
A suitable shaving gel or foam is also recommended to ease shaving and minimize cuts. Healthy shaving habits are the number one tip that you need to implement for healthy, well exfoliated skin on the calves. And that is the best way to prevent strawberry legs from appearing.

A moisturizer is a must have for every one out there trying to get rid of strawberry legs and hoping to keep a healthy skin to avoid the return of those black/brownish bumps on legs. Every after use of the simple exfoliating paste, it is recommended to use a moisturizing gel or lotion as the skin tends to dry out and could even crack in extreme cases if not moisturized right after rinsing off the paste. Even post healing from the strawberry legs, it is always recommended to keep the skin moisturized. High water intake plays the biggest role in keeping the skin moisturized as earlier mentioned but suitable skin lotions play a good part too in keeping the skin moist and soft. It is however advised to use products with no or very low levels of petroleum.
You could also visit a beautician or specialist for advice on skin types and what the suitable skin products for you could be, if you want to delve deeper into what is good for your skin and what is not.

Diet is another major factor that directly affects your skin. For thorough advice on what diet is suitable for healthy skin, you can visit a nutritionist, sometimes a beautician can offer any such help as well. Suit yourself. I could go on and on about the strawberry legs but by now I think we already know that keeping a healthy skin counts as the main prevention and probable cure for strawberry legs any time, any day.
With that in mind, be sure to not mistake other skin problems for strawberry legs. Strawberry legs appear like a rash. They are black heads but are completely painless and harmless as well. But for absolutely sensitive people, they can be a problem that greatly affects their esteem once they become noticeable. Or they could just be a mere discomfort that will not let you cuddle in and caress your legs without irritation. Whatever the case is, you got it now; drink plenty of water, exfoliate, exfoliate a bit more and drink a little more water too. Keep your skin moist at all times, take the right diet suited for your skin. Use the right products and try as hard as you can to avoid skin bleaching products. Once you master that, you surely can never go wrong attaining soft, smooth skin.





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